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Chamber Washers - Single Operation



Simple spray washers equipped with a manually operated closing cover and a motorised basket


  • Washing and drying with compressed air parts of various shapes and sizes.
  • Temperature and bath level control
  • Electric heating – thermostat
    Intuitive and simple operation
  • Working chamber, cover, tank, collector with spray nozzles, hydraulics and basket – made of stainless steel according to DIN 1.4301



Spray washer with a high pressure addon is a combination of a standard spray wash with a rotating basket and an additional high-pressure parts cleaning system.
Spray washers with detail cleaning

Characteristics of the washing device:

  • Temperature and bath level control
  • Electric heating – thermostat
    Additional lighting (LED) for the working chamber lighting
  • Full-stream filtration and microfiltration (up to even 10 µm)
  • Made out of Stainless steel


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