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Vacuum distiller
for solvent waste
  • Can work independently or as a sub-system of a larger
    vacuum washing and degreasing installations
  • Efficiency > 99.9%
  • Automatic dirty solvent intake
  • Automatic discharge of distillation waste into an sealed container
  • Signaling of an overfilled distillation waste tank
  • Automation based on a SIEMENS controllers or other requested by the customer
  • Operator panel with display of necessary messages and technological parameters of the process
  • Vapor pressure measurement
  • Vacuum measurement
    Measurement of solvent levels
    Control of cooling water parameters
  • Large, self-cleaning heat exchanger. Fault indication on the panel or light
  • Delivery of a completely ready installation
Vacuum evaporator for water based wastes
The device distinguishes itself by an extremely low energy demand, it creates a closed system that, apart from the energy for the vacuum pump, it does not require any additional energy (no additional heaters needed). The device can purify liquids with a boiling point of up to 130 degrees C.

The technological process according to which our device works is based on the fact that the liquid and the substances dissolved in it can be relatively easily separated by distillation.

Liquid with the lower boiling point is turned into vapor and sequencially condensed while the dissolved substances remain as a discharge.

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