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DRUM WASHER type MB1200.1.1.S

A Compact washing devices working in a closed circuit.

The drum washer is equipped with a system of nozzles powered by an efficient, maintenance-free centrifugal pumps paired with a full-stream filtration system.
Contamination of the filter cartridges is visualised on the control panel. The oil contamination is separated from the washing bath by a coalescence separator.

The washing process consists of the following stages: washing, rinsing and hot air drying. The parts are fed to the washer through a feed chute using an independently controlled feeder. Then they are transported with a screw feeder through the washing, rinsing and drying zones. Thanks to the efficient drying system, the washed components are clean and dry.

This kind of washing device is great for washing/degreasing of a wide range of small turned parts e.g.: valves, forgings, screws, castings, etc.
Helical drum / screw washers can have single or multi-stage capabilities for washing and drying of industrial parts.
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