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Tunnel Washers


Efficient and effective washing and degreasing of surfaces, parts and industrial details at the production stage. Suited for the most demanding thoughputs

Tunnel washers are washing lines designed for continuous washing and drying of details. Tunnel washing enables uninterrupted work, and is suited for the most demanding throughputs of even the fastest production lines.

To accommodate the highest requirements the SRAY-CAST 3000 tunnel washers are always tailor made to the application considering: the kind and quantity of the contamination, size and geometry of the washed parts, the expected throughput and cleanliness requirements.


Pass-through step washing machines designed for automatic operation, with full control of the parameters of industrial washing, drying and recycling of the washing medium, especially recommended for continuous operation with high efficiency and high cleaning quality requirements. Tunnel step washers in comparison with tunnel washers can deliver even better cleanliness levels at a much smaller machine footprint.




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