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VACUUM-CAST 4000 midi

a two-stage degreasing system with vacuum drying and vapor condensation.

Cleaning agent: VC-SolvCleaner / Isopar H

The machine operates in an automatic cycle with full control over cleaning, drying and solvent recovery parameters.

After selecting the appropriate program or changing parameters and loading the washing chamber, the following device operation process begins:

  • pre-washing: steam, spray or immersion, ultrasonic with subsurface flow and simultaneous filtration of the washing liquid
  • basic washing
  • rinsing
  • drying – turning on the vacuum pumps and a sudden drop in pressure in the working chamber causes intensive evaporation of the solvent
  • distillation – in order to obtain repeatable purity results, a DP200 vacuum distiller operating in a 24-hour cycle is provided



After the degreasing stages, the washing chamber is automatically opened and manually unloaded.




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