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Vacuum-Cast degreasing technologies in the service of the NATO’s army hits the mark

Vacuum-Cast degreasing technologies in the service of the NATO’s army hits the mark In the recent years, the defense industry has been focusing on optimizing and raising the purity standards of components used in ammunition production to ensure its highest quality and safety standards.

The Polish company Castor, with over 35 years of experience, meets the expectations of the arms industry by presenting a refreshed line of vacuum degreasing machines from the Vacuum-Cast line. One of the most responsible tasks of our machines is to prepare high-quality ammunition for calibers that comply with the NATO standard. This technology can be used in the washing and degreasing processes of ammo casings calibers 5.56x45mm, 7.62x51mm, for rifles, 9x19mm for pistols, as well as for specialized 105mm and 155mm artillery shells. A key element of the casings production process is its cleaning of process residues including oils, greases, shavings and other undesirable substances. The use of an innovative vacuum washing and degreasing technology is the best solution for this case.

Vacuum washing and degreasing technology involves the use of low pressure to evaporate solvents and other cleaning fluids, which allows for thorough cleaning of metal surfaces, without the risk of leaving any moisture or chemical residues. This process is particularly important in the context of preparing the ammo cases for final assembly, because any contamination may affect the operation of the ammunition, its safety and durability.

The vacuum washing and degreasing process in Vacuum-Cast washers of rifle shells and artillery shells can be divided into several stages. Initially, the ammo casings placed in technological baskets are fed into a vacuum chamber, where the degassing stage takes place to remove air and other gases from the working space. They are then sprayed with cleaning solvent until fully immersed in it. Thanks to the low pressure in the chamber, the cleaning agent penetrates even the smallest irregularities and pores of the material. The washing process can be supported by ultrasonics and subsurface spraying for even better efficiency. The last stage of the process is drying the casings, which also takes place under vacuum, this guarantees full evaporation of all liquids (even from the inside of the casings) and leaves the surface completely dry and clean.

The use of Castor’s vacuum washing technology in the process of preparing rifle ammunition cases or artillery shell cases before final assembly is a key step towards ensuring high quality and safety of the final product. The innovation of this method, combined with its efficiency and environmental benefits, makes it an attractive option for ammunition producers around the world looking for modern and responsible technological solutions.

The entire process takes place in a hermetic device, without any emissions of harmful substances into the surroundings, which guarantees the safety of the operator and the environment.

In traditional washing, there is a need to pay special attention to the drying stage, which mostly depends on the position of the casing in the technological basket. This is in term is related to the way the technological basket is filled. As in this case there is a requirement for high production efficiency, it is impossible to properly arrange each shell upside down in order to carry out the drying process at the end of washing. This especially applies to smaller calibers such as 5.56x45mm, 7.62x51mm or 9x19mm. In vacuum washers, the production batch is poured loosely into a process basket, creating a volume of very complex geometry with hundreds of small tanks created by the powder charge chambers in which the cleaning fluid could accumulate. Drying the washed batch using traditional technologies at atmospheric pressure is not possible at the given cycle time. However, the vacuum drying solution from the Vacuum-Cast product line is ideal for this purpose. Reducing the pressure in the chamber leads to rapid evaporation of the remaining cleaning medium in a time more than ten times shorter than during traditional hot air drying. This in term is directly related to a reduced electric demand. Additionally, recycling all of the washing medium back for reuse makes the entire process more economical and ecological.

Vacuum washing and degreasing offers a number of advantages over traditional washing methods, including higher cleaning efficiency, shorter process time and better control over the working environment, which is crucial from the point of view of environmental protection and employee safety. Additionally, this technology minimizes the consumption of cleaning agents, which reduces the amount of process waste, which translates into lower operating costs and a lower impact on the environment.

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